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She is, without question, one of the most beautiful women to ever appear on an adult video. Twenty-year-old Nautica Thorn has quickly become a fan favorite with her balls-out performances in video and her star turns on Playboy TV’s “Night Calls 411″ and “Lex In The City”

You can catch Nautica on her weekly call-in sex show on Spice TV, each Sunday at 10:30 p.m. EST, or in her many movies.

We recently sat down with the Hawaiian beauty and talked about Super Bowl wardrobe malfunctions (and Janet Jackson’s healthy sexual appetite and Nautica’s desire to fuck her), using condoms and masturbating to lesbian videos with her girlfriends.

Q. Have you been surprised at how well received you’ve been in this industry and how quickly you’ve become a sought after performer?

“Yeah I am. I don’t know. When I went back home in Hawaii, people knew who I was and I was kind of freaked out. I couldn’t really react because I had my parents with me. I walked in the mall and people were whispering.”

Q. What’s your nationality?

I am half Japanese, quarter Puerto Rican and quarter Hawaiian.

Q. Parents know?

“They know I do nude modeling. They don’t know the video part. I’m sure they’ll find out. I don’t feel like bringing it up over dinner or anything. i don’t live in Hawaii but I go back twice a year.”

Q. What led you to get into this business?

“I was already a dancer and an agent came up to me and when I was in high school I knew that my job would consist of me taking off my clothes, so I wasn’t that surprised. I was a nympho.

” I lost my virginity at 14. I’m 19 right now. I lost it with a guy I wish I didn’t lose it to. I invited him over to my house and we fucked in the living room. I was ready. Then I kicked him out afterwards. From that day on, i was a nymph. I just liked arousing a guy, that was pretty fun.”

Q. When did it hit you that you were really, really attractive?.

“A couple of years before I actually had sex. I would like to tease guys before I did anything. I stripped for them. I played with their cocks through their pants, a bunch of stuff.”

Q. Before we go any farther, let’s get some basics down. What are your measurements?

“I have no idea. I just know I wear a 32 C bra. I’m 5-2.”

Q. How old are you?

I turned 20 June 13.

Q. Where are you from originally and tell us about your family.

“I’m from Hawaii and I’m the only child. My mom’s a secretary and my dad works in construction.”


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Q. Graduation?

“I moved down to California three years ago. I don’t remember what grade I was in. California is bigger and my boyfriend lives out here too. I always wanted to leave Hawaii. It was tough on my parents. They got over it though.

Q. How long do you see yourself in this business? Do you want to be a big star like a Jenna Jameson? Is that possible for you?

“I’m just seeing where it’s going to take me. I want to go ahead and have my own video line and do that.”

Q. Do you feature dance? Give us some road stories.

“Yeah I do. I’m doing my third show. I haven’t’ done it for that long. I did Crazy Horse in San Francisco in May. I went there before and the only other club I did was Paradise theatre in SoCal. Nothing crazy happened. I interact with guys more than anything in my shows. Expect a lot of touching and eating stuff.”

Q. First time I ever saw you Juli Ashton was pawing all over you on Night Calls on Playboy TV. That’s an amazing promotional deal for you. How did that come off and how’s life on NIght Calls?

“I like working with Playboy. They yell at us if we stick a cock in our pussy. We can’t do that, but for Night Calls 411, some of the girls we actually eat other out and can’t show it. We do get off on the toys and if we cum too much on the toys we take it home. They don’t’ want it back.

“They have really good food. We have a couple rehearsals and go out there and start touching and rubbing each other. I actually had one girl that I met on show that I used to dance with.

“I was pretty sad I was on show and didn’t get to meet Tera Patrick. She was gone after I got on.”

Q. Tell me about the first time you saw a porn movie.

“I was, huh, about 13 and I skipped school and I called my friends and they’d come over and we’d eat popcorn and watch Asia Carrera. I used to masturbate to girl-girl videos but when me and my friends were there, we laugh it off. We didn’t’ have like huge big 13-year-old orgies.”

Q. Of the scenes you’ve done so far, what would you say are the hottest and why?

“It would have to be my new one, Invasion, with Jules Jordan and Kris Taliana, just because I love her. It’s like a BJ and we had a lot of fun doing it. Another one is Sakura Tales 3, that’s one where I actually cum. It doesn’t happen often for me jsut because I use a vibrator before my scenes. I’m arlready cummed out. I do it so pussy opens up because soemtimes the guys are kind of big.”

Q. I see you do girls on film. Is that part of your real life or just on film?

“I only had one encounter in my personal life with another girl. Other than that, it’s just on video. I’d rather have a girl on film than a guy. I like clits, I don’t know. I like to suck on them. I would in my real life, it’s just I’m always pooped out.”

Q. I have never seen you do anal. Why? Is that in your future?

“I’m thinking about it. It’s either going to be exclusive on my website, which is what I’m going for. I tried it in my personal life and it just killed me. I was really drunk. He put it in and it really hurts. No shit on the couch so that was good. I’m very clean person down there.”

Q. What are your thoughts on ass-to-mouth scenes?

“I’m trying to think if I’ve done it before. I’ve actually done it before. Guy has to take a shower then I’ll do it. It doesn’t bother me. I just don’t want none of the ass juices in my mouth. I never tasted it.”


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Nautica interviewed at Bazooka’s Showgirls club in 2008.


Q. Who are your favorite guys and girls to work with? And who do you think is sexy in and out of the adult industry.

“Right now, it would have to be Jenna Haze. I’ve worked with her a lot in the past couple of months. As for a guy, I don’t really have a favorite guy. Everybody has been pretty nice to me so.”

Q. Who will you vote for in November? Kerry or Bush?

“No I don’t vote. If I don’t have time to really sit down and watch election and make sure I now everybody’s views, I don’t want to vote because I might vote for the wrong person.”

Q. What was your take on the Janet Jackson Super Bowl thing and the fallout? Is America too uptight?

“I was pissed off I couldn’t see her nipple. I was waiting for Janet to show a fucking nipple. She showed it and I didn’t get to see it. I was really proud of her. She’s a freak and she finally came out and showed a little freaky side. I know people in the music industry. They say she’s a freak, very sexual. If she likes that person, she won’t think twice about sleeping with them. I wanna meet Janet.”

Q. Think Kobe did it?

“No I don’t. Kobe has a really pretty wife and he can get any ass, so I don’t think he would have to rape a girl. I can see where his cock could’ve been really big and stretched her, I can see that.”

Q. Now I’m sure you have been asked out by some famous folks, right? Give us the dirt.

“No actually I haven’t. I’m not a big club person. So I don’t go out. I’m sure if I did, I would see people.”

Q. You signed an exclusive contract with Red Light correct? What do they have planned for you?

“I was actually supposed to sign, but they are doing my website, but after whole thing happened with owner and his brother, they’re trying to get back on track. Companies call me and I decide whether or not I’ll do it. It depends on the price. I work at least three times a week. Three scenes.”

Q. I saw you doing a West Coast monster dicks video recently. Is bigger better or something you only want to deal with on special occasions?

“I like Mandigo. He’s a really nice guy. His cock is too big. I could barely get the head in. I’m not a big fan of monstrous cocks. Most girls can take it, but down there I have the asian pussy so it stays small.”

Q. Hobbies

“I enjoy watching my boyfriend play golf. I played a little but got really frustrated and threw my clubs and sold them. I gave up playing but I like to watch it. I have three dogs, and they keep me occupied.”

Q. Anything scare you about the industry?

“Just the diseases. That would scare me. In this industry some people do make up false tests. My pussy is very sensitive and doesn’t like condoms. I have reactions to them. That wouldn’t’ work. So I guess that’s good for the guys, huh?”

Q. I want to know about your first film you did. What was it and what happened? Were you nervous?

“Let’s see. I did it for Ed Powers. He seemed like a really nice guy and made it very easy for me. I wasn’t nervous. I’m not really a shy person. I wanted to get over it. It gets easier once you start really over it. If it’s somebody I don’t like I won’t work with them. I’ll tell my agent I don’t want to work with these people.”

Q. Any parting wish for fans?

“Just keep on watching and stroking.”


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