We’ve posted our first review!  Check out the Fun Factory G4 Big Boss.

.Are you TIRED of crappy, biased adult product reviews?

Almost ALL reviews on the web these days are thin and provide little value to the reader.

Mr Web Review is here to change that. We are here to provide the following to YOU:

  • REAL value. Not crappy sales pitches, just to get you to buy something
  • Non-biased reviews. You’re here to get the real skinny on the best adult products. We’ll give it to you, without the BS.
  • Unique content. You won’t find the same stuff published on a hundred other sites here.

A GOOD product review helps you, the reader

And how is that, you may ask? Here it is, straight and to the point: a good product review is NOT a sales pitch. That’s right, it shouldn’t try to sell you something.

A good review provides VALUE. This is the key component that so many webmasters forget about when talking about a product to his readers. Valuable information helps you decide if a product is a good fit for your personal needs. A proper review will point out and explain both the positive AND negative aspects of a product. It will point out all the large AND small details, no matter how insignificant, about a product from a personal perspective. It WON’T look like a sales pitch that basically says “this product is the greatest. Buy it now!”

A great review is NOT biased. Whether the reviewer is trying to sell a product or not, he/she should state the FACTS. As review writers, we may not know ALL the facts, but we give you the best information we have, from PERSONAL experience. We do our best to give you all the facts. After that, it’s up to you whether you should buy the product. If we do our job, you will probably buy the product anyway, if we gave you the information and perspective you were looking for.

At Mr. Web Review, you’ll find some of the best, non-biased reviews on the web.

A shout out to some great sex toy review sites

As far as I’m concerned, these are some of the best, non-biased review sites for adult products on the ENTIRE WEB!  Some offer product videos (nothing x rated), and unboxing videos that really help with your product research.

Best Prostate Massager Guide

Yeah, the name sounds a bit…generic and not all that exciting.  HOWEVER, has substantial product reviews for male prostate massagers.  All of them have a product and/or unboxing video.  The videos all appear to be from You Tube, but Mr. P himself has pulled them all together for you. His review of the 100% stainless steel Njoy Pure Wand is outstanding.  Technical, informative and “to the point.”  It looks so good, I think I’m gonna pick one of those up for myself :)


Well, I contacted Mr. P through email, and told him what I was looking for. I got a reply from him and he recommended the Aneros Vice. I ordered it, and all i can say is WOW!  Prostate play had never been my thing, but this toy changed my mind.  Definitely  worth a look.

Dangerous Lilly

Lilly, with 3 Ls, is the name.  Adult products are her game.  Her article:  “Ultimate guide to silicone sex toys…” is a must read for all the folks that love their silicone toys.  Great information for someone new to the game, and are looking for a little more information.  Silicone is pretty much the golden standard for sex toys these days.  They’re soft, fun and sometimes flexible, but a certain amount of care is required to keep them safe and clean.

Mr Will’s House of Thrills

Will, the guy who runs the website, has a page on the Fleshlight Pink Lady Original.  This review, and others on his site, not only tells you about the device and how to use it, but gives you even more info than you would ever think to ask.  Like how to clean it, maintain it, store it and more.  I like his approach to sex toy reviews.  Personal and unfiltered.  A very cool site.